We dream of a world where every mother has a sacred, gentle transition into motherhood. Where every mother has a chance to thrive.


Our doulas are world-changers, deep lovers, and natural caregivers. Terra Mama doulas strive to provide the most judgement free and accessible care to all birthers, no matter their name, their identity, or their origin. Everyone is deserving of support.

Empowerment in birth can change the world.

What we do:

  • Provide continuous emotional, physical and educational support throughout pregnancy to labour.

  • Remain open minded and judgement free at all times - your birth, your choice.

  • Listen more than we speak. We do our absolute best to empower you to make your own decisions for your birth.

  • We are life-learners. We constantly stay up to date on everything birth related.

  • Donate 10% of each birth towards Every Mother Counts

  • Connect with communities all over the world to listen and learn from other mamas.

  • Raise awareness for accessible maternal care through events, fundraisers and social media.